I once believed that women were protected
Protected by men
Protected by our loved ones
Until you see the misuse
Until you experience the abuse
And you fall for the lies
The “baby give me one more try”
We don’t love ourselves enough
Don’t pretend you never had a moment of weakness
A moment where you forgot about yourself
Trying to love someone else
Most men catch on to this
But we believe their innocence
Because we want to believe in something
We want to know that “Someone in this world loves me”
Somewhere along the lines
We lost our crowns
In the desperation to have someone around
Whoever said being a woman was easy,
We’re full of emotions
Even we don’t understand
Including us women who shut down
And pretend that we don’t need a man
We’re independent, we can do it all alone
Until those lonely nights where we’re waiting by the phone
Deep down we’re all fighting the battle
Between wanting love
And trying to be strong.


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