I think that people let social media affect their relationships in a negative way. Facebook and Instagram has changed so much. With DMs and inbox, there are too many ways that someone can be talking to another person secretly. Again, why I say that people LET it affect their relationships. Complimenting another man or woman is taken to a new level with Instagram, especially when you incorporate emojis. But let me ask this, is it a problem or is there something wrong with complimenting someone while in a relationship? I believe that it can become a problem – if the comment is too sexual or in a way of “damn, why can’t you be mine” or something along the lines of trying to spit game. I also believe it can become an issue when more attention is given to someone online than is given to your partner.

In my opinion, people freely flirt on social media mainly because they feel like it’s “just” Facebook or Instagram (these are the most commonly used). People naturally flirt regardless, it happens and usually it is harmless. However, what happens when that simple flirtatious comment turns into messages in the inbox and then those messages turn into exchanging numbers? There can easily be a domino effect, even if those were not the initial intentions. Depending on the discipline of that person and their level of commitment. I would say that social media doesn’t necessarily ruin relationship – people misusing social media do. A relationship ultimately should be stronger than any of these factors! I can say for me personally, I was letting these factors affect me a bit more than they probably should (matter of opinion). I made a choice to work on my relationship having more substance and solidity than what happens on social media!


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