“We live in a generation where people want the benefits of marriage but not the commitment.”

It seems that more and more people have lost the meaning of marriage. Nowadays, you find a lot of people (men in particular) who feel as though a long-term relationship should be good enough. Why get married and ruin the good thing we have? Marriage is so much more than a legal piece of paper. So many people get hung up on the legal aspect, that they completely lose the value behind the commitment. However, they still expect to get all the benefits that come with having a husband or a wife. 

Some people are fascinated with the idea but there’s still a lot of people who believe in marriage as a whole and the commitment that it takes, especially from a biblical aspect. The foundation needs to be there but I will just never be a person who shuns marriage. Some people just want it so badly that the person they marry doesn’t matter nor does the reason why they marry. This generation has gotten so used to settling because finding someone has become very difficult. So they find marriage “unnecessary” or will simply agree with one who does just to have someone to love. 

At the end of the day, someone in a long-term relationship could leave at any time with no string attached and no consequences. There may be plenty of love in the relationship but there is no real commitment. Boyfriend and girlfriend titles ultimately hold no weight. And who wanted to just “play house” for the rest of their life? 


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