I want to touch on something that I battle with often and I know many others do too. Forgiveness. We often hear how forgiveness is for us and not the other person. This statement is very true to an extent. I believe that it is for both – most for self. I can say this from experience; when you do not forgive a person that weighs on you whether you realize it or not. When someone hurts you, they take power of you. When you don’t forgive them, they keep the power. They are walking around fine and peacefully sleeping at night while you are wide awake and upset. 

Forgiveness is an act of love. People make mistakes all the time, sometimes intentially and sometimes not. Regardless, you forgive not because they deserve it but because you deserve peace. To hold on, is to be waking around angry with built up emotions. I know this for a fact. I personally find it hardest to forgive when I never receive an apology. I can say that there are things that I have held onto that someone did to me because that person never expressed their regret for that decision. To me, it was brushed off as if it never happened. But it has happened to me over and over again. 

So this is something that I can learn from as well. And I hope this helps someone else. We can’t heal as long as we are holding on. Let go of everything that you have been holding onto, and see the freedom that it brings into your life. 


13 thoughts on “Forgiveness

      1. I do a weekly post called ‘Posts of Note’ where i share a link to posts I really enjoyed. It’s a great way to promote other bloggers and I wanted to let you know I shared this one. 🙂 It’s up now. 🙂

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  1. Forgiveness is indeed an cat of love. First and foremost to ourselves. Secondly, to those who may or may not have earned nor care to earn it. By forgiving others for their missteps or transgressions, we free ourselves from that weight.

    By forgiving ourselves, to me evermore important, we have reclaimed our power over our ego and thus set ourselves free. We must learn to forgive ourselves so that we may move forward with self love & care for ourselves. Because, who will be able to love us or forgive us, if we cannot do so first ourselves?

    Good post sister! Bless up!

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    1. Thank you! Love your insight on forgiveness.. You are so right. We set ourselves free when we forgive others. That weight becomes too much to carry! Appreciate the love and your words.. Great comment!


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