We’re not supposed to talk about it

Talk about how racism still exists

We’re supposed to hang our heads low

And not let our anger show

They expect us to just endure

The beatings, the murders, the torture

The same ones who should protect and serve

They don’t think the black man deserves

Deserves the respect, deserves his rights

And what are we supposed to do

Sit back and not fight

I fear for my future son

To have to explain to him 

That there’s no such thing

As equality

Not in this world 

They only see what they choose to see

The color you appear to be

The brown skin on your outer being

Who you are doesn’t mean a thing

Because to them you’re just another “nigga” on the streets

And the badge they carry will protect them

From all of the violence 

The violence they are creating to begin with 

But my dear future son

Always hold on and remain strong

For you will know better,

That black lives matter


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