So I’m seriously considering deleting my Facebook and I’m trying to list out the pros and cons. But I’m finding more cons than pros. Is it just me? I mean there really isn’t a reason that I can find that is good enough to keep the page. 
Facebook just isn’t what it used to be. Most times I wish social media didn’t exist at all. It has taken a turn for the worse and become such a negative outlet. For most people, FB is the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they see at night. Imagine how toxic that can become! Especially with how much bad is actually on there.. We usually don’t pay any attention to it because we’re just scrolling though and liking almost everything. But your subconscious is still taking note of everything it sees. It can easily seep into your soul, unintentionally. 

So I’m just trying to find the good in it. I mean I get that it’s a way to stay connected to family and friends… but so are cell phones. I used to be such a phone person but the more social media that we can, the less we connect with people in the real world. Think about it. Whenever you’re in a group setting with friends, look around the room – everyone is buried in their phones. It has hurt our communication with others because our focus is only on what’s happening with FB, let me check my notifications , let me update my status… I would love to just have a nice, get-together where everyone is engaged in each other and the phones are put away. 

I think I’ll be saying goodbye to FB pretty soon… 


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