I have been doing crotchet braids in my hair for a little over. A year now and I LOVE them! I went natural September 2014 and ever since then I have been doing my own hair. 

This particular style, I used Kanakelon braiding hair 86in, color 27/30 blend ($6.00). I only needed one bag because the hair is about 3x longer than a regular pack. I then cut the hair into 4s. This helped to produce more hair. My braids are always straight back, Y-braids. This is the best way to get the natural part in the front without it going all the way back. 

Once I completed the installation, I blow dried the hair – this gives it a straight silky look. I used a black spray hair dye to get the roots to blend better with my own. I dried the dye with the blow dryer for about a minute. I then cut the hair into the bob style – now this process took a little bit of patience. This was my first time trying to cut hair into this particular bob with straight hair on myself (I have cut others’ crotchets into cute bob styles). 

Overall the installation only takes about 2-3 hours (with the braids, 4 hours). Cutting, blow dying and coloring took about 30mins-45mins due to me taking my time on the cut! 

I do several crotchet styles on myself as well as others! I will continue to share! 


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