We are at war

But not with the white man

It’s so much deeper than skin

The big brother

Turning the middle brother 

Against the little brother 

All so that he wins

And they’re both too blind to see this

It’s whites vs blacks 

Fighting like we’re enemies 

When really neither of us belong in this country

We’re from the same cloth

Cut in a different way

They were rejected 

And turned us into slaves

Just to regain power again

On one end 

The police abuse their status

And celebrities refuse to use their power

They can’t 

Or they’ll lose what little they do have 

It’s either that or become forever silenced

So we try to turn the battle towards the polls 

But today it’s a contest between evil

Which one can disguise it more

And which one is popular

It’s like a constant fight with the devil

This whole country is going to hell

We are at war 

But not with the white man 

And no matter what, we can’t win. 


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