I think what a lot of people fail to realize, is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you aren’t required to agree. But you should at least have some respect regardless. I’ve heard some pretty ignorant opinions, but I’ve learned how to shut up when my difference of opinions is matched with my irritation. Everything doesn’t warrant a response and I refuse to argue with closed-minded people.
What becomes more frustrating is when you have people who shove their opinion down your throat, especially when you’ve already expressed something different. You don’t have to repeat 10 times that is “your” opinion; I heard it the first time. It was just as ignorant the 10th time. This is when I simply become quiet. Again, why argue with someone who only wants to see their point of view. Too many people listen to respond instead of listening to understand what is being said. It’s fine that everyone feels differently, we’re supposed to. But we’re also supposed to respect one another’s differences. And if we actually opened our ears and our minds, we’d be surprised at what someone else’s perspective could offer. 


2 thoughts on “Opinions – Reject or Respect

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