You know, so often we try our hardest to change people and truth is, you can’t. Not in a forceful sense anyways. But people can and will change for the right person or the right reasons. Over time I have learned that the harder to push someone to change their behavior, the harder they push back. People struggle to correct themselves, especially when forced. 

Try changing yourself. This doesn’t mean if someone isn’t treating you right, that you’re the problem. Sometimes, though, people get comfortable and take others for granted. So, when someone starts to take you for granted, stop doing those things that they aren’t appreciating. Trust and believe, a change in you will spark a change in them too. You can only control your own actions. Shift your focus and notice how someone will start to change along with you. 

We have to teach people how to treat us. And if they care, they will change their behavior. I think Steve Harvey said it best, “Every man can change. Every man will change. But a man will only change for the right woman.” Try it. Change yourself and if a positive change in you doesn’t spark a change in him, maybe you aren’t the right woman. (This applies the other way around to – a woman will and can change for the right one.) 


2 thoughts on “I can’t change You, but I can change Me

  1. Great post one that i can relate to and really needed to read. You definitely cant force someone to change they need to want to change. I have seen from experience that if you constantly try to change someone they may change temporarily but because it was not their choice they will soon go back to their original traits.Look forward to future post. Check my recent post out when you get the chance 🙂

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