Now I guess I missed the whole fuss about Kaepernick to begin with, but you mean to tell me that the biggest thing going on in the world right now is his decision to sit down during the national anthem?? He was right to sit, his stance was absolutely just. And this vet’s perspective is exactly right.. America doesn’t have respect for a race but expects that same race to respect the flag, that quite frankly is a joke. Everything that America is supposed to stand for is a joke, or at least for a certain race. 

To shame this man and call him everything in the book, except a man of God is completely wrong. Here’s the thing about respect, you still need to give it to an individual even if you do believe his decision was wrong. He stood up for what he believed and that’s more than can be said for most people. No one should have to pay for standing for their rights. Too many people, specifically African Americans, are still pretending like America was built for us, to protect and love us. Wake up.

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