Excuse or Reality?

I talk a lot about fitness and weight loss because it is one of my greatest desires and also one of my greatest struggles. 

I know all about what to eat and not eat, getting enough sleep, etc. but when it comes to applying it, that’s where I hit a wall. It’s not that I love early badly, for the most part I eat well enough to maintain. Which, for a lot of people, would be a plus. But for me, I still want to lose more weight so it’s almost discouraging. 

Then time seems to get away from me most days. So let’s say that I did eat healthy throughout the day and then I exercised after work.. by the time I shower, cook dinner and eat sometimes 8pm or later. So there goes eating early. Add to that, either watching tv or reading a book to wind down – I’m good to be in bed by 10pm. Hopefully sleep by 11pm, on a good night. And then 6:30am rolls right back around. I need help breaking this cycle! 


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