When you are married, is there any topic that is off limits? In my opinion, if you marry your true best friend, you should be able to talk about anything no matter how uncomfortable it may be. 

So, if your partner is not performing well at all in the bedroom, how do you handle this situation? Bringing up something like this can be very touchy and possibly hurtful. No one wants to hear that they are bad in bed. However, I know for me, pleasing your mate is very important. What you won’t do, another person will and they will do it so well, your mate isn’t coming back. Another woman won’t dare get the opportunity to please my man in a way that I won’t or can’t. I truly believe sex can be taught, but you have to be open to new things. 

We are constantly changing. What you liked at 20 won’t be the same as what you like at 30 or 40 or 50. You have to be willing to adapt and keep the spice in the marriage, especially in the bedroom. The worst thing is for your mate to be unsatisfied in the marriage in any way. That’s when they go looking outside of the home.. 


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