I know we’ve all been there, we reach a point in our lives where we grow apart from friends. Your lives end up going in two different directions and the friendship goes with it. I’m not talking physical distance – I have many friends who live many miles away but the friendship remains true. 

I can honestly say, it never gets easier to lose a friend or to fade apart. I mean, you deal with it and life goes on because it has to. But being okay with it, that takes time. And prayer. Just prayer that God guides you in the right direction and protects your heart in the process. I strongly believe that He places people in our lives for a reason and a season. So if someone is leaving, it’s for a reason. I leave that all in God’s hands. I have learned that the “why” is not always for me to know. 

I just try to learn something from everyone that comes into my life. I go into every relationship/friendship/acquaintanceship with an open mind and an open heart. I continue to pray that God guides me with my growth in him and as a woman. And I believe that the rest will fall into place. 

– JIF 

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