I recently had a bad experience with thinking that I could make friends at work. So I pose the question, is it possible to make new friends at work? Or will they always just be “coworkers”?

I think that I am too trusting, to a fault. Sometimes I vent to the wrong person and then their colors are revealed. I had caused me to reevaluate who I have chosen to talk to and associate with at work. I know that it’s just a job to get a check, but part of what I loved about my job was the environment and people. Now I have to go back to being quiet and focusing on myself. I think the hardest part is that the people around me will continue to be fake with no issue about it. 

I just have to realize that work is work. I didn’t come to make friends; I was hired alone, I’ll be promoted alone so I might as well walk alone. Keep my purpose in my sight and keep moving forward. Change is inevitable and constant. So I guess in my experience, you cannot make friends at work. There will always be that line. 


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