So I have not yet had the privilege of bejng proposed to.. but I’m just curious, is it better to know that it’s coming or be surprised? I think I personally would rather be surprised. Knowing that it’s “coming” or being thought about only brings about more anticipation… when will it happen? How will it happen? 

I wish I could un-know. I understand ring browsing to get sized and get an idea. But then again I feel like these things should be known, they should have been figured out throughout the relationship. Telling someone that you are thinking marriage soon just makes then antsy. 

And what is the point in saying you’re ready to propose without actually buying a ring and proposing? Don’t just say it because you think it will make your partner happy and buy you some time. The only thing they will think about going forward is getting the ring. And not “messing up” the opportunity to get the ring. 

Trust me, I know.