How to Stop Wasting Time

How to Stop Wasting Time

1. Don’t get angry about things you cannot do anything about. Keep your peace to keep your power. 

2. Stop complaining, it’s useless. Instead, give thanks. 

3. Don’t try to buy time by getting less sleep. It causes you to be less focused. 

4. Stop hurrying, it causes you to make mistakes. 

5. Stop craving what you don’t have while not enjoying what you do have. 

6. Stop living in the past! You can’t go back & redo anything, so let it go. 

7. Take time to deal with problems & you won’t have to spend more time dealing with big ones. 

8. Locate the things that hijack your time & be firm in avoiding them. 

*If you need a change, you’re the one who has to make it.*

– Joyce Meyer



Or lack thereof 

He betrayed my love

That’s a hard thing to recover from,

A shattered trust

Not just once 

And that’s when things became tough

Because I wanted to let go

Forgive, and move on

But my mind wouldn’t 

And my heart couldn’t

Not fully

And I wanted to so badly

To not think about the infidelity

To not think about the tears that fell from me

Or the fears that held onto me

Consuming every part of me

I wanted it all to just be gone from me

So that I could love him the way I needed to

The way my soul yearned to

After all that we had been through

I needed him to love me right too

To heal my wounds 

My heart, so bruised 

He had no clue

How deep my pain was

And why it was so hard to trust.