I really battle with having set timelines, especially when another person is involved. Women always have pressure to be married by a certain time or have a baby by a certain age. Who says how long you are supposed to stay in a relationship before you get engaged/married. I think what makes it more difficult is when you see a variety around you; people getting engaged early on and then people waiting 5-10 years. Being in year 3, I just feel like I don’t know when to walk away or how much longer I’m supposed to be patient. 

When a man isn’t “ready” yet, how long does it take to get ready. That’s so difficult to just sit back and wait for him to become mentally or financially ready or whatever it is that’s giving him pause. As a woman, who wants nothing more than to have a family, waiting is the hardest thing that I have ever done. And now I just feel at a crossroads. How much longer?


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