I can say from personal experience, I do seem to have more results when I go to the gym versus when I do home workouts. But I wonder why. I could partly say due to lack of consistency at home. But bigger than that, how is it, if I do the same exercises at home and the gym that I seem to get better results at the gym. Maybe I’m pushing myself more at the gym. Maybe it’s easier to just “stop” or half-ass it at home.

There is a huge convenience factor with working out at home. No waiting to use equipment, no wondering if others are watching, no distractions or intimidation from other people. But there are still distractions at home and it takes a strong willpower to be able to push past distractions at home. It’s a bit more difficult to just sit around being lazy in the gym. The environment just not provide that opportunity.

You ever feel like you’ve tried it all? Diets, fads and all sorts of different things. And then one day, someone says “Just go back to the gym”… pushing you to change your perspective. I used to be so gym faithful and I know that it worked for me. So we will see.. I clearly don’t have it all figured out, but I won’t stop.


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