Ever feel like you lose a lot of friends, like God just removes people from your life all the time? Not in a death sense, but one Day you’re friends and then one day you’re not. Nothing major happens, but you seemingly grow apart. Last year, I had what I thought was a close friend and then one day we just weren’t anymore. More recently the same thing happened again. I believe that God placed these people in my life for the season that I was in at the time, when I needed them.

When you meet someone, can you automatically tell if they are seasonal or lifetime? What does that look like? Most of my lifetime friends are people who I have known since childhood. One of them, I met after college but I could never see us just not being friends. But when I met all of them, I did not know if they were seasonal or not. I truly did not even think about. I just offered a genuine friendship and for some people, it stuck. For others, well I don’t know, maybe we just aren’t for each other. No love lost though.


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