Why is it that the unknown makes us so afraid to keep moving forward? Why is it that we would rather stay in our comfort zone, painful as it may be? It is harder to make a change because we don’t know what that change will bring about. We, as people, need reassuring that we are headed in the right direction. That we are making the right decisions. But we really don’t know, until we know. You won’t know if that relationship will work out, until you go through it. You won’t know if you chose the right career path, until you work in it.

The good thing about life is that, no matter what choices we make, we can always choose a different path. As long as there is still life inside of you, you can change directions. You can heal. You can let go of the past, because you can’t go back that way anyways. And the amount of freedom that comes with moving forward, is far better than that painful, comfortable place. When your heart is aching so badly, that you can’t figure out what’s next… you have to move. You have to decide for yourself what’s next. And guess what, if you’re not happy there, keep going to the next place. No one is holding you back, except for you.


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